Sunday, October 18, 2009

 Genealogy of the Francesco Mucciolo Branch

Francesco Mucciolo (years of birth and death unknown) fought under Garibaldi for the unification of Italy in the mid 1800's.  We believe Francesco had several children, but have detailed information on only one—MarcAntonio.

MarcAntonio Mucciolo--Tried to enter the US twice but was rejected both times due to an eye problem called Trachoma.   He died in Italy on Dec 30, 1930, one month before his wife, Maria Mamaria Peduto.  According to her passport, she arrived in NY May 23, 1911.  According to the immigration records, Maria was born in 1860 and arrived in NY June 21, 1911 from Naples on the S.S. Cretic.  She was listed as 50 years old on arrival and was met in NY by her daughter Rosa (Rosina).  Rosa’s immigration records do not show Rosa arriving until 1921.  She may have come to the US earlier and gone back to Italy.  Maria brought with her three children, Pasquale, age 16, Carmine, age 8 and Angelina age 13 who was erroneously listed in the immigration records as “Angelo”.  MarcAntonio and Maria (Peduto) Mucciolo had several children listed here in order of birth -- 1) Francesco, 2) Michele, 3) Giovanni, 4) Rosina, 5) Giuseppe, 6) Pasquale, 7) Angelina, and 8) Carmine, all born in Castel San Lorenzo.

1) Francesco (years of birth and death unknown) married Carmina and had three sons—Antonio, Tullio, and Michele.

Antonio lived in the family home on Via Roma in Castel San Lorenzo until his death May 21, 1992.  He was married to Rafaella Sabatella who still lives in the same home.  They have one son Tullio who is a teacher on Sardinia.  Francesco’s second son, Tullio, was a singer and had two children--Francesco who is married to Antinette, owns a restaurant in Ludwigshafen, Germany, and has two children, Tullio and Stella; and Carmela who is married to Luigi Mucciolo, lives in Paestum and has two children, Giovanni and Francesca.  Giovanni manages a restaurant in Rimini and has a daughter Sharon Ioanna Carmen; Francesca has three children, Ludovecca, Rosa and Mario.  Francesco’s third son, Michele, lives in Sao Paulo, Brazil.  He married Angela and they have two children, Francisco and Angelica. 

2) Michele (1881 - 1957) arrived in the US on October 13, 1903 on the S.S. Cambroman in Boston on way to New York. He was met in NY by a cousin on his mother’s side, Giovanni Capozzoli of 25 Mulberry Street, NY.  Worked as a laborer building the railroads in NY and sent money to Italy to bring his brothers, sisters and mother to the US.  He married Angelina Nappa.  We do not know much about her except she died of pneumonia during the Great Depression.  They had 11 children, 7 of which lived.  Listed in order of birth they are Maria, MarcAntonio, Francesco, Giovanni, Rose, Elena and Stella. 

Maria (Mary) (1912 – 1992) married Anthony Candella and had three children—James, Rosalie, and Michael. 

MarcAntonio (Anthony) (1913 - 2009) lived in Burbank, California, married Josephine Faso (1917 - 2013) and had three children – Michael, Gene and Natalie.  Michael (b 1942) married Kathleen Talty and has three daughters: Michelle (b 1967) who married William (Billy) Perue in 1998; Christine (b 1969) who married David Karasseferian in 1996 and has two children, Devon Michael (b 1999) and Kaitlyn Brooke (b 2009); and Jeannette (b 1971) who married Gary McGuire in 2005 and has one daughter, Makenna Nicole.  In 1983 Michael married Ramona Bruins (b 1949) and unofficially adopted her two children, Sandra (b 1969) who has two children, Troy (b 1993) and Matthew (b 1996); and Julieanne (b 1972)  who married Bradley Nettune and has four children, James (b 2006), Brendan (b 2008), Brady (b 2008), and Paige (b 2008).  Gene (b 1948) married Helen Scully (b 1948) and has two children Joseph and Megan.  Joseph Anthony (b 1971) married Tania Fox (b 1972) and has five children—Marguerite Antoinette (b 1994), Estelle Rosalie (b 1998), Nada Josephine (b 2002), Helena Mae (b 2004), and Joseph Anthony II (b 2006).  Meagan (b 1974).  Natalie Russell has two sons—Salvatore married Amina in 2008, and Anthony.

Francesco (Frank) (1916 - 1991) married Mathilda (Tillie) (1919 – 1993) and have two daughters--Elizabeth (Betty Ann) (1944 -1989) and Frances who has two daughters, Kristin Kara and Jessica Joelle.

Giovanni (Johnny) (1917 - 1982)  married Marjorie; then divorced and remarried.  His children are; Michael Peter who has a son Michael Richard (b 1978), John, Charles, Patricia Marinaccio, Diane Zimmerman, Angela, Pamela, and Suzanne.

Rose Mary Christine (1918 – 2000) married Attilio (Kelly) Prosio (1903-1989) and had two children—Mary Ann and Arthur.  Mary Ann (b 1943) married Paul Mullady (b 1941) and has three children, Doreen, Regina and Paul.  Doreen Ann (b 1963) married Russell Hohn and had two children, Cassandra (b 1988) and Robert Paul (b 1992); Regina Marie (b 1967) married Daniel Stieflein and had two children, Kelli Ann (b 1990) and Erica Taylor (b 1993).  Paul Mark (b 1972) (no information).  Arthur Prosio (b 1944) never married.

Elena (Lena) (1920 – 1986) never married.  Had one son, Michael.

Stella—(b 1925) married James Callan (1916-1986) and has three children--James (b 1946), Margaret (b 1947), and Joanne (b 1949).

3) Giovanni was born in Castel San Lorenzo.  He was ill most of his life and was a bachelor.  Dates of birth, immigration and death not known.

4) Rosina (married name Lembo) (b 1887) was born in Castel San Lorenzo.  Immigration records show she entered the US on May 18, 1921 with three of her children—Vincenzo (11), Maddalena (9), and Maria (8).  A fourth child, Michael, was born later.

5) Giuseppe (1892 - 1973) immigration records show he entered NY in 1909 at age 17 and was naturalized May 5, 1921.  Married Lena DiMarino (1895 - 1958) and had three children—MarcAntonio, Andrew and Marie.  MarcAntonio (Marco) (1917 - 2000) married Angie and had two children, Phyllis who married James Dunleavy, and Joseph.  Andrew (1922 - 1986) married Olga Fisco (b 1919) and had one son, Joseph Andrew (b 1944).  Marie Murphy (b 1925) married John Murphy and had one son, Michael (1954 - 1991).

6) Pasquale (Pat) (b 1895) arrived NY on June 21, 1911 at age 16 on the SS Cretic with his mother.  Married Florence and had two children, Marie and Carmela.

7) Angelina (1897 - 1974).  Immigration records show she entered the US through NY on June 21, 1911 on the SS Cretic with her mother.  She married Cristoforo Carfagna and had three children-- Teresa, Susan and Marie. Teresa (no information); Sue married Charles Vesper and has one son, Joseph; and Marie married John Spaziani and has one son, John.

8) Carmine (Charlie) (1903 - 1996)  arrived NY on June 21, 1911 on the SS Cretic with his mother, Maria Peduto.  He married Grazia (Grace) Valenti  and had one son with her--MarcAntonio (1923 – 2007).  MarcAntonio married Dorothy Mary Coffey and has seven children – John, Francis, Paul, Stephen, Charles, Edward and Lenore.  John married Francesca and has two children, Marc and Christina; Francis has a son, Matthew; Paul (b 1968) is a doctor, married Christie in 2007 and has a son Evan and a daughter  Everly Analese; Stephen married Pamela and has three children, Christopher, Catherine and Samantha; Charles has a son, Michael and daughter, Jamie; Edward married Lori; and Lenore Bryant has three children Sean, Sarah and Sophia.

Carmine divorced Grace and married Agnes and has two children with her, Francis and Arlene.  Francis (Frank) has a son Michael; and Arlene (1938 – 2002) married John Kelly, lived in North Carolina and has four children, Donna, Jenine, Christine and Elaina.  Donna (b 1961) married Alexander Vock in 1988 and has two sons--Elias John (b 1993) and Noah Daniel (b 1994); Jenine Kelly (no information); Christine Kelly(no information); Elaina married Adam Cannizzaro in 2001 and has two children--Sophie Arlene  (b 2003) and Nicholas John (b 2005).